This is one of those blogposts that could just be a Tweet thread. This is an alt consumption form for the following Tweet thread.

I read too much Peter Thiel recently. So here's a list of 10 controversial opinions I presently hold. Some I've come around to. Some need citations. Some I've even thought through myself. Most are loosely held. All sound pretentious.

Despite the (misleading) title, the list is unsorted. The title is just a homage to an amazing blogpost (little context relation). And also it sounds cool.

  1. Children & work are not a substitute for immortality. Genetics and legacy do not serve as an alt for a conscious identity.
  2. Coding in Vim/Emacs is overrated & pretentious. Good code is about efficiency – result & process. Modern IDE artefacts are impressive catalysts.
  3. Mostly, re-reading non-fiction is a waste of time. It's considerably more effective to replace it with notes & memory augmentation tools (such as Anki).
  4. Outsourcing memory (i.e. can just Google it) is not an obviously good philosophy. Remembering facts/anecdotes/examples is extremely useful in day-to-day pattern matching.
  5. The legacy startup ecosystem of lean dev., networking & investor cajoling is repulsive to someone who just wants to build something cool (& hopefully valuable).
  6. It is not idiotic to chase money/trad-success.
  7. Death is terrible. There are better motivating factors (like improving the world, exploring the universe, etc.). The incessant march of time against sentience is a horror story, not a rhythm of life.
  8. Don't read blogs/tweets/podcasts until you've nailed down some textbooks. The time-normalised reward ratio of books: rest is asymmetric by a wide margin.
  9. Everything is downstream of intellect. Ambition, virtue, & conscientiousness are admirable traits. But society as a whole should strive for intelligence optimisation.
  10. All problems have time as an argument. Society ineffectively expends more resources on reflexive over preemptive solutions.

I hope to expand / retract / improve / compare these ever so often. Observe how my map has evolved over time. If you disagree with these, (a.) thank you, & (b.) this is just a snapshot of my philosophies at one instant of spacetime, confounded with the need to sound cool.

“The most contrarian thing of all is not to oppose the crowd but to think for yourself” – Peter Thiel

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