To the laymen, the prospect of parsing a research paper is like climbing a mountain. Even aspiring researchers have a tough time keeping up with the latest ideas in their subfield. Although the tools to distill & simplify these ideas are growing, they are too few & their codomain too small. And distillation is only one piece of the problem – the second (a more self critical) piece is digestion; even though the rate-of-distillation is slow, it dwarfs my rate-of-digestion.

The “Scientific printing press” is a collection of the most awesome neural patterns in the history of sentience. This sequence, as most sequences, is an attempt to parse & digest some of these patterns. Of course, digestion is just a (Feynma)n-order consequence of distillation.

Until I learn the trick of it, I shall make a deliberate effort to parse & distill ~1 paper/w. My interests encompass neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, computer science, AI, and foundational Physics.

This is not science journalism. Nor paraphrased plagiarism – I intend no credit attributions; all of the following papers belong to their own authors (cited within each article). This is merely a personal effort to digest these ideas. The expository scratchpad only serves as a quality control criterion and any benefit reaped by the external noosphere is merely a cherry on a chance sundae. The undertaking is an inspirational fork of the research debt.